Portfolio Management Services

MJ Securities

MJ SECURITIES has proven track record on having investor’s money invested into their Discretionary PMS services which comes at very nominal fees with top notch return on the investment. Investor can choose from any of two offerings: Multicap PMS (MULTI) or MID & Small Cap PMS (MAS).

Bottom-Up Fundamental Research

We invest in strategies that conduct rigorous fundamental analysis to project each potential investment’s value.

Long-Term Focus

We believe that the surest path to generating attractive investment returns is to patiently wait for the realization of an investment’s value without being swayed by short-term market volatility.

Unique View of Risk

We believe that the biggest threat to your financial health is not market volatility; it is the permanent loss of your capital. We believe market volatility provides opportunities to acquire high-quality assets at a discount to their valuation.

Unique View of Risk

We are patient investors. We hold cash when nothing meets our investment criteria, and we have the conviction to sell when an investment no longer offers acceptable returns relative to its potential for loss.